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Scorched earth ← Josef Stalin ruled from 1922 to 1953.  He burned the USSR's crops to deny the advancing German army sustenance.  This scorched earth policy meant starvation for millions of his own people.


Forced migrations ← Throughout his long reign Stalin forcibly resettled millions of people from all over the Soviet Bloc, to random other locations in the Bloc great distances away, for the purpose of destroying national identities and breaking up communities, which he feared would oppose him.  Millions died. 


Unsolved Uncles & Aunts  Stalin's reign divided millions of families, and  thus for the last 100 years has dividing millions of people from the inheritances due them.  In a typical case the unknown heirs decedent was b. 1935.  His uncles and aunts would be b. 1910.  These uncles and aunts' involvement as adults in WW II and in Stalin's Soviet upheavals makes genealogical research concerning these uncles and aunts difficult.  Thus cousin heirs cannot be found.  

Holodomor → In 1932 and 1933 Stalin suppressed Ukrainian resistance to agricultural collectivization (land confiscation) by taking most of the grain Ukraine had produced, to punish the small farmers and intentionally starve the people.  More than 10 million men, women, and children died of starvation. 


Gulags ↓  For most of the USSR's 70 year existence (1920-1990), large numbers of Soviet Bloc citizens were sent to Siberian forced labour camps known as Gulags.  Millions died there from overwork, starvation, and exposure.


Village research ↑ James and Volodya of EEH seek memories of past times.  "How many children did they have?"  "Where did they move to?"

Европейское Эмиграционное Наследие
European Emigrant Heritage                   


Former Soviet Bloc archives ↑ Sniezhana of EEH examines records of USSR prisoners interred in German work camps.




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