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European Emigrant Heritage

Skarby Europejskich Emigrantów
Европейское Эмиграционное Наследие


Contact Information:

 No text, voice only please

 1 (571) 310-2640‬‬  


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Please send longer communications to us by e-mail.  After 31 Dec 2020 all paper letters, FedEx, etc. must be returned to sender unopened.  
Our e-mail address is:  

E-mail is immediate and postage-free communication, which helps us maintain an organized electronic file for your case.  Thank you.  



Document Photographs

Please photograph all obituaries, marriage records, etc., and send them to us as e-mail attachments.




  Deliver physical items such as books and microfilm to 
  700 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20408 USA





  S'il vous plaît, nous envoyer lettres et documents
  par courrier électronique uniquement.


  Please send us letters and documents
  by e-mail only.



This website is read only, so don't worry
that you will enter sensitive information
(for example, passwords or credit cards).  
It is impossible for you to input anything to this website.



European Emigrant Heritage 
Founded 1938 --- Formerly of Finsbury, London



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